One of our three primary areas of focus is Affordable Housing.

Our Board of Directors has a combined total of fifty years of experience as advocates for affordable housing.

We have developed several Best Practices around affordable housing, several of which have been considered or adopted by one or more jurisdictions:

(1) Affordable Housing Impact Statements

(2) Affordable Housing Inventory

(3) Citywide Height Bonus / Voluntary Inclusionary Zoning

(4) Getting to Zero to Thirty Percent Area Median Income

(5) Surplus Property Ordinance


Coming soon:

(6) Community Land Trusts

(7) Affirmatively Enumerating Housing Affordability as a Factor for Consideration in Zoning and Land Use

(8) Tenant-Landlord Act Best Practices for States and Municipalities

(9) Prohibiting Discrimination on Basis of Form of Income (i.e. – vouchers)