VIDEO: Clarkston Housing Inventory and Affordable Housing Strategy

CLARKSTON, Georgia — After months of community engagement, stakeholder input, and research and education, on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, we presented our Clarkston Affordable Housing Strategy, to the Clarkston City Council at their Work Session.

The Housing Strategy includes our signature report, the Clarkston Affordable Housing Inventory, which provides a data-driven estimate for the total amount of housing available in Clarkston for each housing type and at each level of affordability.  Few jurisdictions have such a resource available to them; most jurisdictions have to rely on incomplete U.S. Census data or incomplete market studies, to understand their own housing stock.

After hundreds of hours of research, community engagement, and drafting by SMART ALEC, I had the pleasure of presenting the City of Clarkston Affordable Housing Strategy. Thank you to my colleagues Sherise Brown Dwanda Farmer for all your work on this project.

Posted by Matthew Charles Cardinale on Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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