Tax Exempt Status APPROVED!

SMART ALEC, in the spirit of transparency, is pleased to announce that our tax-exempt status has been approved by the federal government.

“This will allow us to apply directly for grants to support our work consistent with our mission statement as well as provide tax exempt giving options to our donors.  Our new status has been back dated to March of 2016, which means that anyone that has given to SMART ALEC through GoFundMe or contributed in any other fashion, will now be able to deduct that contribution,” Matthew Charles Cardinale, President and Co-Founder of SMART ALEC, said.

“We are gearing up to have a presence during the Oregon Legislature in 2017.  So we are in the process of applying for grants to support educational capacity and organizational work that we will be doing with low-income and homeless people in the greater Portland area,” Cardinale said.

The IRS has determined that SMART ALEC is a public charity 509(a)(2).

Our federal tax ID number is 81-1864253.