SMART ALEC files for tax exempt status!

SMART ALEC, in keeping with its mission of compliance and transparency, filed for tax exempt status last week.

SMART ALEC Secretary Dr. Dwanda Farmer submitted the organization’s paperwork, in furtherance of SMART ALEC’s status as an Oregon nonprofit organization.

“The filing of this application for tax exempt status is a significant moment for the journey of SMART ALEC,” said Matthew Cardinale, President and CEO of SMART ALEC.

“Unlike other entities that do lobbying work, we exist to pursue the public good and that reflects in the very way we structure our organization, and that our funds will be used to support our charitable work.”

SMART ALEC has raised over two thousand dollars on GoFundMe to date, and we are working to get our first Model Ordinance, Affordable Housing Impact Statements, adopting in ten U.S. cities and counties by 2018.

Currently, AHIS has been adopted in Atlanta, and is currently being considered in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Albany.