SMART ALEC CEO, Libertarian Radio Host Find Common Ground

On Friday, June 03, 2016, SMART ALEC CEO Matthew Charles Cardinale participated in an hour-long interview–and spirited debate–with Ernest Hancock of the Declare Your Independence radio show, which appears on Freedom Phoenix, in Phoenix, Arizona; and the nationwide Liberty Radio Network (LRN).

The Libertarian talk show host, Mr. Hancock, said that, like SMART ALEC, he too is concerned about affordable housing, but he wants to see solutions that involve fewer government regulations, and, generally, more freedom. Hancock said he wants people to have the option to live off-the-grid, in tiny houses.

Cardinale responded that the Model Ordinance for Affordable Housing Impact Statements is a way to empower local cities and counties to come up with local solutions and keep track of their progress in meeting their unmet housing needs – and that this could include tiny houses, if that’s what a community wants to pursue.

Cardinale offered to assist drafting a new Model Ordinance that could be a zoning or land use overlay, perhaps called a “Self-Sufficiency Zone,” which could be all about allowing lot sizes for tiny homes, as well as the ability to pursue off-the-grid sustainable energy and food solutions.

Hancock invited Cardinale to “come to Arizona.”

“I’ll come through,” Cardinale noted.