Affordable Housing Impact Statements

Our first Model Ordinance is Affordable Housing Impact Statements.

Affordable Housing Impact Statements, put simply, is a policy to document the impacts of public policy decisions by a local jurisdiction upon its affordable housing stock.

At least two cities–San Diego, California; and Austin, Texas–have been using some form of Affordable Housing Impact Statements for several years, as documented in this report:

Affordable Housing Impact Statements: A Policy Opportunity for Atlanta (November 16, 2014)

What makes the Model Ordinance unique is a focus on numeric, or quantitative, information, about the numbers of affordable housing units that would be added or subtracted at each income bracket, if any particular policy–referred to as Housing Stock Impact Legislation–were to be enacted.  The Model Ordinance also provides a “Scorecard,” or framework, for this quantitative analysis.

The City of Atlanta, Georgia, was the first to adopt this Model Ordinance under the leadership of Atlanta City Councilman Andre Dickens (Post 3-at-large).

City of Atlanta, Ordinance 14-O-1614

The legislation is currently pending in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Albany, New York.  SMART ALEC is working with several jurisdictions on adopting and implementing this legislation.

We have many additional resources available upon request, including an Administrative Memo that explains how to prepare the Impact Statements; sample Impact Statements; and other resources.